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Q.) Are sales tax required on wedding packages?

A.) The State of Florida considers beach wedding setups as a rental company and therefore they are taxable at 7% for Pinellas County. Sales tax must be recorded seperatly and cannot be ( included in the package price. ) Florida Sales Tax

Q.) What if we cancel the wedding is the deposit refundable, if no, why not?


A.) The deposit, plus any fees spent on your behave for items to service your wedding are non-refundable. They are paid to individuals and companies to reserve their date and time. This includes but is not limited to permits, flowers, cakes, supplies, outside deposits to specialty vendors. Any remaining monies will be refunded.


Q.) What if our wedding is canceled because of a natural disaster, Hurricane, can we get a refund?


A.) You may have the choice to apply the entire fee, with the exception of the beach permit to another date, time or location. This date must be discussed and agreed upon to avoid conflicts with previous bookings. If another date is not available because of conflict of either party then we will refund the amount paid minus any charges paid by us for your items, permits vendors.


Q.) Is there an additional cost for the rehearsal?


A.) Yes rehearsal's are an additional cost of $100. Most beach weddings do not have rehearsal's do to time constraints. Our staff will email you the proceedure for your wedding, and will be there to direct you on the day of the ceremony. You may assign a friend or family member to assist you also if you like.


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