Marriage License Questions

Q.) Do I need a Florida Marriage license and how do I get one?

A.) Yes you need a Florida Marriage License to get married in Florida. For out of state and international couples we can process it online if you like; please give us a call at 727-351-2443. For Florida couples you must obtain it at any of the ( Clerk of Courts Office in the State of Florida ).

Q.) How long is the Florida Marriage License Valid?

A.) The Florida Marriage License is valid for 60 days from the date issued.

Q.) Do I need a witness on my Florida Marriage License?

A.) There is a place for a witness signature on the Marriage License, but it is not required in the State of Florida for witnesses to sign because of the large number of elopements and destination weddings.

Q.) What happens to the license after the wedding?

A.) The Florida Marriage License is returned to the Clerk of Court where it was issued to be recorded. Once it is recorded it will be mailed back to you within 4 weeks at the address you have provided.

Wedding Vendor Questions

Q.) Can we provide our own vendors, officiate, photographer etc.?

A.) Yes you may provide your own vendors. We accept no liability for outside vendors, this includes late arrivals, no shows or quality of their work.

Q.) Is there a discount if we use our own vendors?

A.) Other then the officiate, all other vendors are optional. We offer a $100 discount if you use your own officiate.

Q.) If we book a photographer how do we get our photos?

A.) Images are sent via Email Link and Videos are burned on to a DVD. You will receive a copyright release from your vendor ( photographer, videographer) so you may make prints and copies. This includes: pictures and video. The processing time varies during peak times and may be between 2 to 6 weeks.

Q.) Do you have a list of vendors to choose from ?

A.) Yes we can provide one if you like. The vendors' schedules change constantly so it is best to allow us to assign you one as soon as possible.

Q.) Will we receive our assigned vendors information ?

A.) Yes we will send you their phone number, email and website address link.

Setup Decorations Questions

Q.) Can we choose, bring or customize our wedding colors, if you don’t carry them?

A.) Yes you can bring or customize your wedding colors. We work with you to find the best match to your wedding color choice. *Remember some colors change in the sunlight or sunset.

Q.) Can we bring our own wedding decorations?

A.) We allow you to bring certain items to accent your wedding. *Note some items may work well on the beach; we must have a list of items you would like to bring and need help with prior to the wedding.

Q.) Is there a discount if we bring our own decorations?

A.) There is no discount if you bring your own decorations to add to the setup. Our staff will assist you if time permits to help setup your items if possible. We accept no responsibility for items damaged, left behind after the wedding.

Q.) What if we need more chairs what is the cost?

A.) You may add chairs to your package; the cost is $5 per chair which includes setup and take down, with or without sash. Please give us a call as we have specials every few months

Q.) Can we remove some items from the setup?

A.) If there are some items you do not want that are included in the package, we can remove them for you.

Deposits and Refund Questions

Q.) What if we cancel the wedding is the deposit refundable, if no, why not?

A.) Any fees spent on your behalf for items to service your wedding are non-refundable. They are paid to individuals and companies to reserve their date and time. This includes, but is not limited to permits, flowers, cakes, supplies, outside deposits to specialty vendors. Any remaining money will be refunded.

Q.) What if our wedding is canceled because of a natural disaster or hurricane, can we get a refund?

A.) You may have the choice to apply the entire fee, with the exception of the beach permit to another date, time or location. This date must be discussed and agreed upon to avoid conflicts with previous bookings. If another date is not available because of conflict of either party then we will refund the amount paid minus any charges paid by us for your items, permits vendors.

Q.) Is there an additional cost for the rehearsal?

A.) Yes, rehearsals are an additional cost of $100. Most beach weddings do not have rehearsals do to time constraints. Our staff will email you the procedure for your wedding, and will be there to direct you on the day of the ceremony. You may assign a friend or family member to assist you also if you like.