Additions to Readings


“Each of these ropes represents your past, your own individual and separate lives before today. As you intertwine your ropes, you are joining your two lives into one, representing the present. The finished knot symbolizes your future, and how your love and marriage will continue to be strong. ____ and ____, please tie the knot. ____ and ____ have tied a fisherman’s knot. This knot, when the ends are pulled, becomes so strong that the rope will break before it comes undone. Please pull the ends of your rope. This love knot shall be a reminder of the strength of your love and the binding together of your two hearts.”


"Today, your relationship is symbolized through the pouring of these two individual containers of sand.” "As these two containers of sand are poured into the third container, the individual containers of sand will no longer exist, but will be joined together as one.” “Just as these sands can no longer be separated and poured into the individual containers, so will your marriage be.”

The couple or family pour the sand into the center container at the end of the reading.


"At the end of the ceremony each guest will receive a blessing stone. As we gather at the shore line with the guest they will be ask to make a wish and prayer for the new couple. At that time they will throw them into the ocean to seal this wish."